St. Louis Online

A locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider and Bulletin Board
providing online services for the St. Louis area community since January 16, 1989.

Also providing service to the communities of
Louisiana (754), Fulton and Kingdom City (642 & 592), Bowling Green (324),
Elsberry (898), Eolia (485), Frankford (784), Middletown (549), New Hartford (669),
Olney (656), Santa Fe (685), Silex (384), Stoutsville (672) and Vandalia (594)

How much does St. Louis Online cost to join, you ask!

$19.95 per month for month-to-month access

So, what do I get for my $19.95 a month?

  1. An Internet connection which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Digital modems for solid connections.
  3. No Setup Charges for First Time Subscribers.
  4. Instant Internet account setup available 24 hours a day from our bulletin board.
  5. Help hotline available for technical support and account questions - 314-894-8364.
  6. Flat rate access, no additional charges.
  7. Personal WWW site included at no additional charge.
  8. POPmail mailbox with no charge for messages. Email as often as you wish.
  9. Unrestricted newsgroup server access.
  10. Auto-sensing of PAP logons for Win95/Win98/XP/2000/NT compatibility.
  11. Access to Partyline BBS where you will find games, puzzles, chat and message areas.
  12. Setup software available for download from our BBS or via ftp to
  13. We guarantee you will get online or you don't pay us a penny! (Any request for a refund must be made during your first 5 days of service)

So, how do I get setup on St. Louis Online?

Choose one of the following easy ways to get online TODAY!:

The following is presented as a public service.
Help find a missing child
Call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) if you've seen this child
National Center for Mising and Exploited Children

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